Soprano - CLASSICAL series - 10 "Double-Profile" reeds

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Tradition and innovation: the DOUBLE-PROFILE REED with a concave profile on the table side of the reed is an exclusive creation of LIGAPHONE Paris. 100% natural cane of the French Riviera.

LIGAPHONE Paris enlarges its line of innovative products with a new reed concept: the DOUBLE-PROFILE REED with a concave profile on the table side of the reed. Of the highest quality, the LIGAPHONE Double-Profile reed is a traditional reed made entirely from 100% of the famous natural cane from the Var region in France.

For the very first time in the history of woodwind accessories, both reed profiles (top and table facing) have been designed to complement each other. After long years of research, Ligaphone’s Double-Profile reed was born, combining two complementary profiles:
- LIGAPHONE’s special table facing, concave profile on the table side of the reed, permits increased vibration.
- The LIGAPHONE profile of the top facing is precisely fabricated in the traditional reed shape.

The combination of both LIGAPHONE profiles offers unprecedented possibilities and brings out the best acoustical qualities of the reed:
- frees the reed of its internal tensions : more flexibility, better articulation, no “warping” of the reed table
- makes easier sound emission
- increases the harmonic richness
- defines the caracter of each reed
- excellent value for money: more good reeds in a complete box

Content: 10 JAZZ reeds for Soprano Saxophone

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Bob R.

My favourite reeds for soprano!

Ligaphone lasts long and has the timbre that I like. The response is right for me. And Ligaphone is easy to contact, even on telephone. Like all reeds the need to be broken in properly and adjusted a little. I like the fact that I am working with a small company that sells a very unique product. Also, Ligaphone does not use plastic they use card board packaging so it can be recycled. Sorry I cannot speak your language. But music is an international language. Bright Moments, Bob Rockwell.

Gilles D.
France France

Anches remarquables

La réponse de ces anches est excellente, je ne sais si cela est le fait de la qualité du roseau ou de la coupe en double profil. En tout cas, pour le soprano je les utilise exclusivement.