UNIVERSAL Ligature, ROSE Gold-plated, Thick canvas

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Original creation by Roger PETIT for LIGAPHONE-Paris. Worldwide unique model.

The LIGAPHONE UNIVERSAL is appreciated in all style of music : classical, contemporary, jazz, modern music... for its excellent acoustic qualities.

- makes easier sound emission: excellent sound projection
- free the vibration: Staccato are precise both in the attack and the separation
- widen the amplitude of the Pianissimo and Forte
- wide sound spectrum - reduces the blowing effects.

****** UNIVERSAL ROSE Gold-Plated, Thick canvas *****

- ROSE Gold-plated, certified hallmark

- emphasizes the Fundamental note, resulting in a beautiful centered, richer and rounded full sound

- excellent sound projection

- the sound is wide and brillant

- - ROSE Gold-plated finish has all the acoustic qualities of the Yellow Gold-plated finish : in specificity it offers a more centered and rounder sound with a "woody" tonal color.

This UNIVERSAL model is adjustable to all the Clarinets' mouthpieces (from the Eb to the Bass-Clarinet) and all the Saxophones' mouthpieces (from the Soprano to the Baritone except for the metal Soprano mouthpieces).

The LIGAPHONE UNIVERSAL fits the whole marks ebonite mouthpieces : Vandoren mouthpieces, Selmer mouthpieces, Buffet Crampon mouthpieces, Otto Link mouthpieces, Mayer mouthpieces, Charles Bay mouthpieces, Pomarico mouthpieces, Yamaha mouthpieces, Yanagisawa mouthpieces etc.

The LIGAPHONE UNIVERSAL is supplied with its own LIGAPHONE caps of which the price is included.
Cap model to be chosen according to the instrument: Please chose your cap model in the options below.

*** We can prepare your ligature (free): please indicate via "Contact" the instrument and mouthpiece model specifying ebonite or metal.