Baritone - CLASSICAL series - Trial offer: 2 "Double-Profile" reeds

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You wish to try out the "Double-Profile" reeds by small quantity? LIGAPHONE propose this trial pack of two reeds, permitting to discover this new, innovative reed concept * :

- LIGAPHONE’s special table facing, concave profile on the table side of the reed, permits increased vibration.
- The LIGAPHONE profile of the top facing is precisely fabricated in the traditional reed shape.

The combination of both LIGAPHONE profiles offers unprecedented possibilities and brings out the best acoustical qualities of the reed:
- frees the reed of its internal tensions : more flexibility, better articulation, no “warping” of the reed table
- makes easier sound emission
- increases the harmonic richness
- defines the caracter of each reed
- excellent value for money: more good reeds in a complete box

* Cane is a natural product with its qualities and variabilities. We recommend to order the reeds by larger quantity to appreciate the full capacity and benefit of the "Double-Profile"!

Content: 2 reeds for Baritone Sax

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