Adjusting harnesses

Alternative concept between harness and neck-strap: the LIGAPHONE Strap-Harness

Adjustment of the LIGAPHONE Strap-Harness

As all the existing Harnesses, the LIGAPHONE Strap-Harness must be pre-adjusted to your body before the first use.

The LIGAPHONE Strap-Harness synthesises all the advantages of both the harness and the neck-strap:

1- How to pre-adjust your LIGAPHONE Strap-Harness before the first use:

  • The LIGAPHONE Strap-Harness must be worn very high : place the ventral strap above the diaphragm, or, nearly under the armpits.
  • The LIGAPHONE Strap-Harness is particularly appreciated by the women for its comfort : place the ventral strap above the diaphragm , under the breasts, or, nearly under the armpits.
  • Adjust the harness-strap whatever you may be wearing : dont hesitate to shorten or lengthen symmetrically the straps on both sides of your body.

2-The daily adjustment of this harnesse
Its important that this last adjustment is made regularly with precision : first put the ventral strap above the diaphragm, then regulate by sliding up or down the adjuster until the saxophone mouthpiece arrives naturally at the same level as your mouth.

Your LIGAPHONE Harness-strap will enable you to play the saxophone with a sensation of liberty in the movement without any strain on your neck or your back.

3-Lastly to lessen any strain on the shoulders, we can propose a shoulder kit comfort : pads which can be fixed on the straps at shoulders level, thus giving extra comfort.


Priority to Neck-strap


Priority to Harness


more freedom of movement no pressure on the nape (neck) as it is mostly distributed on the shoulders, and less pressure on the thorax as the front elastic breathes (moves) with you

The LIGAPHONE Strap-Harness is fitted with the Original LIGAPHONE hook (design pending) for solidity and more safety: DEMAND the Original model.

Same model for men and women
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