"Harness-Strap", LIGAPHONE metal hook

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The LIGAPHONE "Harness-Strap" design is a combination of the harness and the neck-strap. It is an Original creation by Roger PETIT for LIGAPHONE- Paris.

The LIGAPHONE "Harness-Strap" synthesises all the advantages of both the harness and the neck-strap:

- no weight on the nape (neck) : the instrument weight is evenly distributed on the shoulders, like a standard harness, while the front part of it allows a complete freedom of movement as if it were a neck-strap

- easy to put on and adjust : quick and stable adjustment of the front neck-strap part

The LIGAPHONE "Harness-Strap", LIGAPHONE hook (plastic cover metal) : offers 2 ways of use (see section : using the "Harness-Strap" and video)

- Priority to Neck-strap: more freedom of movement
- Priority to Harness : no pressure on the nape (neck) as it is mostly distributed on the shoulders, and less pressure on the thorax as the front elastic breathes/moves with you

The LIGAPHONE "Harness-Strap" is fitted with the Original LIGAPHONE hook (design pending): a LIGAPHONE exclusivity:
Reinforced security: this very resistant metal hook, easily hooked, gives an extra security by its own form and weight: DEMAND the Original model.

Same model for men and women

Harness-Strap adjustment

Harness-Strap adjustment

How to put on the LIGAPHONE "Harness-Strap".

The different possibilities to use the "Harness-Strap".